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Assignments of Note

Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant in Grand Island, NE
The assignment included eight parcels of land containing 779.091 acres and 54.846 acres of railroad permanent easements located in the eastern and central portion of the Cornhusker Army Ammunition Plant. Approximately 355.0 acres of the land within the eight parcels was leased for agricultural production, with the balance in building sites, ditches, roads and rail right-of-way. The building improvements consisted of 199,676 square feet of primarily tile structures on concrete foundations and frames with wood roof structures. Within the past 15 years, 16,080 square feet were added, giving a total of 215,756 square feet.

The balance of the appraised property consisted of 54,846 acres of railroad permanent easement for existing track, as legally described, including in-place ownership of the railroad ballast, ties and rail. Also, a Permanent Well Access Easement was valued. the easement was 0.748 acres in size and was retained by the government. There were 160,183 linear feet of track. The roadbed was generally covered by white gravel ballast with older ties and use 80 to 90 pound rails of early 1900’s vintage.

Industrial Properties Portfolio
The assignment included the valuation of 21 office/warehouse facilities in 10 states including Arizona, Florida, California, Kansas, Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Ohio, Maryland and Texas.

Embassies of Christ Kingdom Ministries
The assignment included the valuation of a proposed religious facility, six commercial buildings, five single-family residences and vacant land in Gary, Calumet Township, Lake County, Indiana. One of the single-family residences was located in Merrillville, IN. The proposed religious facility was planned to contain 50,400 square feet and a seating capacity for 1,500 people. The six commercial buildings ranged from 2,847 square feet to 18,264 square feet.

The Hampton Farms
The assignment involved the valuation of farming and recreational land in Arkansas and Jefferson Counties in Arkansas. The subject land contained 4,381.06 acres: 3,697.67 acres of agricultural farmland in the southern District of Arkansas County, Arkansas; 243.39 acres in the Northern District of Arkansas County, Arkansas; and 440.0 acres in Jefferson County, Arkansas. There were approximately 1,826.8 acres of open land in the Southern District and 117.7 acres open land in the Northern District. There were approximately 55.0 acres of reservoir land and 70.7 acres of timber and lake land in the Northern District, and 1,045 acres of reservoir land and 826.3 acres of timber and lake land in the Southern District. Kaney Bayou terminates at a reservoir on the land in the Southern District. The entire 440.0 acres of land in Jefferson County was composed of timber and brushy land, with Beaver Dam Slough and Bayou Meto cutting the north central and southwest portion of the land.

Independence Regional Hospital and Adjoining Properties
The subject properties consisted of the Independence Regional Hospital and adjoining properties. The overall land for the hospital and adjoining properties consisted of 840,554 square feet or 19.30 +/- acres. The improvements consisted of the existing hospital building, the adjoining medical office building, seven residential homes and 237,156 square feet or 5.44 acres +/- of vacant residential land.

Medical Center of Independence Hospital and Adjoining Properties
The subject properties consisted of the existing Medical Center of Independence Hospital facility, and adjoining medical office building, a former outpatient surgical facility, two smaller office buildings, two tracts of land improved with homes, a tract improved with a home and two duplexes and 34.42 acres of vacant land. The overall land area for the properties was 2,180,154 square feet or 50.05 acres +/-.

Full Counsel Christian Fellowship Facilities
The subject of this assignment consists of 36 properties in three counties in Arkansas. The subject included vacant land, single family homes, religious facilities and other improvements associated with the operation of the religious organization.

Former Aerospace Company Call Center and Office Building
The subject of this assignment consists of a 369,082 square foot former call center and six-story office building on a 20-acre site in California.  The property was acquired for renovation and conversion to a religious facility.  The call center was converted to house a 2,800 seat auditorium, classrooms and meeting spaces, a nursery facility, a bookstore and a café.

Former NBA Team Training Facility
The subject of this assignment is a 68,856 square foot former NBA training facility in South Carolina that was acquired for use as a religious facility.  The religious facility user retained two basketball courts for use by the community.

Portfolio of 42 Religious Facilities in 17 States
The subject of this assignment is a portfolio of 42 religious facilities in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington.  The properties varied widely in terms of age and building size.

Religious Facility in Toronto, Canada
The subject of this report is a religious facility in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The improvements were constructed in 1875, 1893 and 1990.  The analyses and final value opinion were reported in Canadian dollars. 

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